Home of the Weir Creek Hounds
Website under construction. Please feel free to check back from time to time.                                                                                Hello , my name is Timothy Kahl. Our kennel is located in Lexington NC.We have been breeding beagles for 25 years. High Rock Beagles is a breeder of AKC and NKC Weir Creek beagles. We have every form of Weir Creek bloodlines that has ever been bred. (DFJ,Boggy Holler, Black Creek, Ponrun A-Train and Daddy Rabbit).The Weir Creek beagles are heavily noted for their hard hunting and super rabbit jumping abilities!!!! Most of our beagles are medium to upper medium speed with line control. They have tons of hunt, plenty of grit,nose,brains,and stamina. Our Motto:" IF THEY CAN'T FIND ONE,THEY CAN'T RUN ONE!" The race begins with the jump!                                                              Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the Weir Creek bloodlines primarily through line breeding and  out crossing within different pre-existing strains of Weir Creeks.This ensures the preservation of the high percentage of Weir Creek blood in our hounds. High Rock Beagles first and foremost breeds for excellent conformation, hunt, grit, brains, nose and stamina and in that order. If a dog has excellent conformation then it will have the stamina to perform all day and everyday in the field.